2008-04-18 18:25:00 by Scythemantis

So I've uploaded something idiotic that I did the audio for a few months back and didn't work up enough interest to finish until now. As to everything else I was, am, or will be working on, I've moved two times in the past three months and have no idea when I'll be reunited with my high-quality microphone, nor when I'll have the total quiet I prefer to do my absurd voice recording in. Rest assured that when I finally get the chance, I'll commence work on one of several new "Fear Hole" episodes I finished writing scripts for and the pilots to a couple completely new series. I have a fair number of game ideas as well, but perhaps a little too ambitious for Flash standards...and I've yet to even begin learning how you make a game.

I'm shocked that something like Anicopters 2 is a featured movie in the same list as a new Burnt Face Man AND Charlie the Unicorn, among other things that warrant relatively massive amounts of attention and appreciation compared to my little brain-farts.


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2008-04-21 17:53:50

Fear Hole is my favorite series man, awesome stuff.


2008-07-26 08:23:51

can't wait for your next stuff, man! Watching anicopters again.


2008-09-22 12:57:50

Brilliant work!


2009-01-12 20:24:35

All your stuff is awesome, And if cant make a game yourself you should find someone who's good at coding, and do the artwork and direction and leave the technical shizz to them. I have a feeling it would be an awesome game.


2009-01-23 02:30:13

I just read your comics after watching fear hole........
I love you.


2009-01-24 01:29:53

you need to put your stuff on youtube or something. i want to show my friends the fear hole(not a sex joke) but they're, uh..."afraid" of Newgrounds...


2009-02-04 20:01:12

Your stuff is seriously unrated. The art and animation are smooth and pleasant. The plots are funny and genuinely entertaining. Don't knock it so much.