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I'm a life-long monster fanatic, insect lover, and creator of the pointless website, bogleech.com, where I publish articles on creepy creatures, a weekly webcomic and other stuff.

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Posted by Scythemantis - January 20th, 2014

It's been a few years now since I've worked in Flash. I never did like how my art or animation came out, and I guess I basically moved on completely to static artwork and writing. The time I spent here, and the amount of positive feedback I got for "The Fear Hole" is still pretty special to me, even if I can't watch the cartoons anymore without cringing.

As always, you can find tons more stuff by me on bogleech.com, including 2013's DON'T GET SPOOKED, an interactive illustrated text adventure with an alternate Fear Hole themed ending!

Posted by Scythemantis - April 18th, 2008

So I've uploaded something idiotic that I did the audio for a few months back and didn't work up enough interest to finish until now. As to everything else I was, am, or will be working on, I've moved two times in the past three months and have no idea when I'll be reunited with my high-quality microphone, nor when I'll have the total quiet I prefer to do my absurd voice recording in. Rest assured that when I finally get the chance, I'll commence work on one of several new "Fear Hole" episodes I finished writing scripts for and the pilots to a couple completely new series. I have a fair number of game ideas as well, but perhaps a little too ambitious for Flash standards...and I've yet to even begin learning how you make a game.

I'm shocked that something like Anicopters 2 is a featured movie in the same list as a new Burnt Face Man AND Charlie the Unicorn, among other things that warrant relatively massive amounts of attention and appreciation compared to my little brain-farts.

Posted by Scythemantis - January 23rd, 2008

I didn't notice I'd been gathered into, and featured, as a collection. It's definitely a boost of inspiration to do more and better things with both my existing series and in-progress ideas!